Picking up a casual position could be a faster way to getting back into employment, and a sure-fire way to get back into fulltime employment. According to Candidate Managers at HainesAttract, the main difference between casual and permanent lies in the commitment.  

Depending on individual circumstances and lifestyle, casual positions bring with it the flexibility of hours and a taster of the sector and organisationSome people deliberately seek out temp positions as a second job while others are hoping to turn that experience into something full-timeeither with that company or by taking the experience they gain and moving on elsewhere.  

While there is no guarantee it’ll turn into a permanent role, it is possible if you display commitment and produce quality work. Here are some tips to keep in mind:  

  • Show up  

Show up on time, work hard and communicate with your colleagues. This will show your reliability and genuine interest in the role as well as becoming a permanent employee.  

  • Make connections  

Take the time to ask questions about the company, other services/products, and departments you might not be familiar with. Ask for a quick chat with a permanent employee and try to learn about the demand of the job and get a gist if that is where you truly see yourself.  

  • Mindset  

Keep in mind you were hired for your skills. Use this as an opportunity to show off the quality of your work and enthusiasm for full-time employment.  

  • Be clear  

Speak to your manager and let them know your intentions. You’ve been hired on a temporary basis however if your desire become a permanent employer, then make this clear to your manager. When you come on board let them know you’re happy at the company and staying on for a longer term is something you’re interested in.  

While being on a temporary contract has its challenges, it also offers the freedom of trying new things until you’ve found what is right for you. When you’ve found that then take control, be patience and show off what you’ve made of.