As the saying goes ‘the first impressions are lasting impressions and in the world of social media it has become very easy for employers to check out potential candidates before they’ve been called in for an interview – giving employers a view of the candidate before they’ve even met.  And if you think your sector doesn’t use social media then think again – according to our Candidate Managers at HainesAttract, most recruiters and HR professionals use online platforms to find and connect with potential candidates despite of the nature of the job.

So how can you create the right impression? 


Set yourself up on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn to get your name out there. Be sure to keep it updated with your work experience, qualifications, and skills. This will make it easier for recruiters to find you. Clean up your Facebook profile and perhaps remove any old photos that might come back to haunt you – adjust your privacy settings if needed.  

Don’t afraid to show off your personality – share and celebrate your quirks and hobbies. Be sure to include additional interests and any volunteer work that’ll help you standout out from the crowd. To show your genuine interest and proactiveness – connect with industry leaders and follow organisations to stay up to date on relevant news and information.   


Utilise the internet to promote yourself and your talents but keep in mind employers are watching and offensive language is a no-go. Keyboard warriors beware, while anyone can mouth off online it is there for everyone – and potential employers – to see.   

While it may seem like common sense, a strong and personable social media presence could be the ticket to help you stand out from other applications. And with many employers using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to screen candidates, before posting ask yourself whether it is something you’d want your future boss to see.