Its a new decade and a time of change. The pandemic has hit some sectors hard with redundancies and closures, while others have seen a rapid demand for workers, especially New Zealand’s primary and food processing industries. 

Job seekers affected by COVID-19 now need to prepare and pivot careers in another direction. Our Talent Solutions Consultants at HainesAttract have given us a few pointers to consider when it comes to rewriting your CV for another industry. 

Use a skills-based template  

When changing sectors, it is important to use a functional or skills-based template rather than the traditional chronological. This will ensure your skills are highlighted first and foremost. In a functional or skills-based template, the focus is on your personal profile and skills. Blow up your skills and achievements and remember to list why it’s relevant to the job. A quick Google will give you pages of skills-based templates and examples to choose from. 

Celebrate your differences  

In your personal profile explain why you are changing sectors. It is the opening statement and one of the first things recruiters will scan when reading a CV. The cover letter can address your unconventional backgroundRemember its ok to talk about why your experience and skills might not only be different but add something unusual to the mix. 

Leave out the nitty gritty  

Personal details such as your age, sex and marital status do not need to be included. These details are not relevant. It takes 6-10 seconds for a recruiter to scan a CV so every word on the page needs to work in your favor. Keep your skills and experience relevant to the job. 

Do your homework  

Take the time to research the sector. You do not need to know everything but showing you have done your research will go in your favor. Brush up your LinkedIn profile and connect with people in the desired sector. Ask for advice – don’t ask for a job – that part will come later. 

Changing industries can seem daunting and what may seem like a short-term change could turn into a long-term passion. Show up, be present and remember to take it all in stride.