Phone and video interviewing are becoming an important part of the hiring process. Because of the pandemic many employers are having to rethink their induction and interviewing processes. We spoke to our Talent Solutions Consultants at HainesAttract to give us a few tips about what to consider when preparing for your upcoming phone or video interview.  

1) Don’t show up in your PJs  

Many people tend to assume that phone or video interviews are more casual than usual face to face interviews. Although nobody will see your slippers, it is important to make sure you’re wearing professional clothes. Background is also importantluckily there are so many preset backgrounds on apps these daysbut perhaps stay away from Minecraft or the beach – a simple background will do and show your professional sideFor phone interviews, find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed.  

2) Focus on the position rather than yourself  

Most interviews will either include or begin with the question ‘tell me about yourself’. Use this question to highlight the qualities needed for the position rather than a story about yourself. When answering a behavioural/situational question such as ‘tell me a time when you worked as part of a teammake sure to focus on the positive and have some examples on hand 

3) Test your connection  

Zoom, Skype and other video calling apps can take time to set up. You don’t want the first five minutes of the call to be can you hear me/see me. If your interview is interrupted by a cat walking across the screen or another sound, acknowledge this and ask the interviewer to repeat the question 

4Practice makes perfect  

Appearing on a screen can sometimes feel awkward. If you’re not used to using video conferencing apps then rehearse, record, or perform in front of a mirror or get a buddy to call you over Skype or Zooso you can test the app at the same time 

5) Speak slowly  

It’s easy to let the nerves get the better of you by rushing through what you have to say. Remember the interviewer cannot see you if you’re speaking over the phone, and if you’re speaking quickly, they may miss any visual cues and an important point you might be making. Remember to slow down, breathe and take your time.