Introducing… our Talent Solutions Consultants! These are the talented people who manage our clients’ accounts, ensuring we offer the very best recruitment solutions. They also help us achieve our overarching purpose of what we do at HainesAttract – after all, transforming the way people connect with opportunity is what Talent Solutions Consultants do best. We have Talent Solutions Consultants who are focused on providing long-term strategic solutions, which usually involves a creative concept implemented through targeted media channels, and we also have Talent Solutions Consultants who specialise in tailored recruitment approaches. Some do both.

Here, we’d like to introduce the Talent Solutions Consultants who specialise in tailored recruitment approaches. They are the experts who find the perfect candidates for our clients, and are our clients’ go-to people for support through any and every step of the recruitment process. Our consultants are very experienced and knowledgeable in their areas of recruitment, and many of them have been in the field for multiple years – making them the best people to help our clients with their recruitment needs.

The difference between HainesAttract and a traditional recruiter is that we combine our specialist recruitment services with a range of our solutions within the business. Our Talent Solutions Consultants slot in to help out wherever our clients need us, whether that be end-to-end recruitment or one specific part of the process. Essentially, we become an extension of our client’s Recruitment team.

Now that the borders have re-opened and we’re welcoming back international talent to Aotearoa, our Talent Solutions Consultants are in touch with a large number of international candidates. Days often start earlier than usual, as they need to take into account the time differences of where candidates are based. This allows them to screen, call and find out the candidates’ motivations and desires behind moving to New Zealand. Our Talent Solutions Consultants want to ensure that they can find the absolute best candidate for the job, which means going above and beyond, including working to a schedule that suits people from all around the world.

Working well within a team is also an important aspect of being a Talent Solutions Consultant. They have regular meetings within their recruitment teams to discuss candidates they’ve spoken to during the week, including how they can assist these candidates as well as any current or new roles that clients may have. It’s also important to meet with the wider Talent Solutions team to ensure that creative and media are up to speed, as well as any other projects that are in play or anything else in the pipeline that they need to take action on.

The great thing about their job is that every day is different. They get to speak to people from all over the country and the world, both in person consuming a coffee or two, as well as over Teams. Joleah says, “I like to help people, and I get so much satisfaction out of finding the perfect candidate for a role.” Talent Solutions Consultants also often assist candidates to make the move from the other side of the world, which means they become not just an acquaintance, but a friend, when they finally get to meet in person. They find it very enjoyable to build solid relationships, which creates a great network around them.

HainesAttract is very different to any other organisation that offers recruitment services. Our Talent Solutions Consultants collaborate with the rest of the business ensuring we offer a tailored outside-of-the-box solution to transform the way people connect with opportunity. And that is one of the reasons our people love working here – it’s so unique!

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