We want to take you back to the beginning of HainesAttract, this being to 1891 when it all began. We are all about connections and we want both our clients and employees to feel connected to the rich history. So here is our story!

The Charles Haines Advertising Agency Ltd was founded in Wellington in 1891 by Charles Haines. The very first advertising agency in New Zealand, selling advertising in the Wairarapa Daily. With the help of his new valued partner, offices were established in Auckland, Canterbury and Otago.

By 1923, Haines had offices in Wellington, Auckland, Palmerston North, Christchurch and Dunedin. It was important for us as a business even back then, to be connected all throughout Aotearoa. Connections are still something we value as a business today. Thanks to history for establishing our foundations!

We then fast forward through wars, market crashes, revolutions, governments, and the shaping of Aotearoa. By the time we hit the 80’s, we had grown to over 100 employees, connecting a number of people throughout the country. Haines is purchased by Executives in 1996 with a new focus on “recruitment advertising” which has helped us to grow to the full-service organisation that we are known for today. One year later, NZ Jobs is launched by Haines, which is New Zealand’s first online job board. Yet again, Haines proving to be an industry leader evolving ahead of the times and setting the bar high as to how we advertise in New Zealand. In 1998 creative teams are added to the company to add uniqueness and a sense of flair to the way we advertise recruitment.

In 2009, almost 120 years after the business was born, Haines becomes “HainesAttract,” and we reposition our story. Recruitment solutions become even more of a focus as we delve deeper into creating the best concepts and resolutions for our clients. In 2014 we launch “WorkHere,” a platform to attract global talent to Aotearoa. The database begins to grow at an exponential rate and WorkHere becomes one of the most successful platforms to attract international candidates to New Zealand.

As we continue to expand, there is a need for International Recruiters and Candidate Managers to support the growth. An increase in employees allowed us to adapt to the changing times with a focus on digital media solutions including the power of programmatic advertising in 2019.

We now land in 2022 and our creative work is still impressing the market. Our integrated recruitment solution that combines creativity with our expertise, helps our clients transform the way people connect with opportunity. We tell your story, find the right candidates, and simplify the recruitment process for you. We help our clients stand out in the market with a unique recruitment story that establishes your brand. What more could you ask for! This wouldn’t be possible without every single one of our 50 employees, helping to make all of this happen. Let’s also not forget everyone else from the last 130 years who have helped to shape who we are today.

Want to be part of our story? Get in touch with the team today and find out how we can transform the way you connect with opportunity.