We had the pleasure of talking with Houssein Daakour who has recently come over to New Zealand from Dubai with the help of the amazing team at WorkHere.

There were multiple reasons NZ appealed to Houssein. Having a young family, it was important that he was able to balance his home life and work-life evenly. He had heard about the amazing work-life balance that NZ offered and knew it was an opportunity that he didn’t want to miss out on. The breathtaking nature and uniquely beautiful scenery was also a huge drawcard and with his new home being located only 10 minutes away from a stunning spot, what was not to love?

As soon as Houssein landed in New Zealand, he and his family went straight to their new permanent home with their car already in the garage waiting for them. This was one of the many ways Symonite – his new employer, was able to help make the relocation process as smooth as possible. The commitment Symonite put in made the decision to move a lot easier, and the welcomeness they showed afterwards made him and his family feel settled. This helped him to relax in to New Zealand life knowing he had made the right decision not just for himself but for his family.

Just like Symonite, the team at WorkHere was also remarkably committed. They continuously followed up during all stages of the immigration and recruitment process, ensuring everything was going smoothly. Any question that he had, they were able to answer honestly and transparently. Due to the responsiveness of the WorkHere team, he was able to trust that moving to New Zealand was the right decision to make. Overall, he thought WorkHere was a great link between his Symonite, the immigration office and himself.

Houssein had other opportunities in different countries that he could have chosen but knew NZ was ultimately the place he wanted to live. If he was to travel back in time, he has no doubts that he would choose the same path again and make the move to New Zealand. WorkHere was able to connect Houssein to this amazing opportunity to live and work in New Zealand, and ultimately transform his life.

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A special thanks to, Joleah, Eliana, Hamish, Stijn, Steven and Ben for making this all possible.