It’s time to step up your recruitment strategy and explore everything HainesAttract has to offer! We have the experience and resources to help wherever that may be. 

New Zealand is currently experiencing its lowest unemployment rate in 36 years – currently sitting at 3.3%. With employers struggling to attract and retain talent, we are seeing more job postings than ever before, with the attempt to find some quality candidates. Unfortunately, many organisations are simply not converting applications, as the pool of active talent has shrunk. Many of our clients utilise our Account Executives to proof, process and place their recruitment advertisements, which is great! But in addition to this, we can offer your organisation so much more, to help overcome what feels like a never-ending recruitment battle. If you are finding your business in this situation, it might be time to consider the various other services that HainesAttract specialises in. Utilising a combination of our media, creative and recruitment services, will ensure your organisation has an optimal recruitment strategy – one that is set for success.  

A Tailored Media Approach 

Are you tired of posting the same ad on the same job boards without getting any response? A tailored media approach may be the solution for your organisation! We will do research into your target audience, figure out where the audience spends most of their time (this can be anything from social media platforms to out-of-home advertising) and place your advertisements on the right channels with the right creative concept (that we can come up with for you!). Once the campaign is live, our talented Media Strategists will continue to monitor the performance of the campaign, ensuring it’s receiving the attraction it deserves.  

A Creative Campaign 

It’s no surprise that the way we engage with content has changed rapidly over the last few years. The changes in the digital environment have enabled an explosion of creativity and video content, as well as internal and candidate engagement – the possibilities really are endless. From concepts and copywriting, employer branding, design, videos and careers sites, our creative team offers so much. Combining our creative services with a tailored media campaign is especially effective when it comes to securing the best candidates. We will ensure that the messaging and content will resonate with the target audience, allowing the campaign to perform exceptionally well. We will put your point of difference first, ensuring you stand out well above your competitors. It’s the perfect solution to get more creative with your recruitment strategy and bring some eye-catching concepts to the market! 

A Recruitment Solution 

Our recruitment team offers a range of targeted recruitment solutions to complement your existing internal capabilities – and we do all of this under your brand, not ours, providing a positive perception of your organisation. We offer everything from end-to-end recruitment, where our recruiters take care of all your recruitment needs – effectively becoming a part of your team. Our unbundled recruitment services are available if you are just needing an extra pair of hands with little things such as phone screens, reference checks and sourcing. An effective campaign with the right creative will lead to an influx in applications, and many of our clients will find they can benefit from our recruitment services at this time.  

We also offer global recruitment through the use of our international talent platform WorkHere. The platform has over 55,000 candidates registered and eager to work for you in New Zealand. 

We are a collaborative business, meaning we gather a large range of insights from knowledgeable people across the company, meaning you can trust that your organisation is in the best capable hands when it comes to all things recruitment.   

Are you ready to push beyond transactional advertising? It’s time to invest in your recruitment strategy by utilising our specialised services. Whether this is a combination of all our services being media, creative and recruitment to really take your strategy to the next level or just one part of the process, HainesAttract has you covered. Get in contact with us today by emailing