On  Friday 27th May – we added another chapter to the HainesAttract story. It was all about connecting with each other, building connections, and transforming. We kicked off the day and explored how we all play a crucial part in continuing to shape HainesAttract, both now and in future. This day was about building on that, creating the next chapter for ourselves and HainesAttract. Dan Phillips our Creative Director, took us back in time – 100 years to the day, and we heard from a reincarnated “Charles Haines.”  

It was the first time we had all been together in one place at the same time, as our amazing staff are based all around New Zealand. We all caught up over a morning tea from one of our favourite places in Wellington – Sixes and Sevens! Think doughnuts, scones, sausage rolls and quiches – it’s fair to say we were fuelled and ready for the day. 

We then split off into two groups, leadership with Darryn from Alicia McKay NAMBA, the other with Jason Gunn who took us through his ‘easily said’ workshop. Both sessions were so informative and engaging, we learnt so much!

Aaron Walsh – The Chiefs mental skills coach met us for lunch at Monsoon Poon for a practical and inspirational talk about his life as a mental skills and well being coach. We all left feeling very motivated with a new perspective on life as well as the tools to manage life and build our foundations.

We had taken on some powerful learnings and it was then time for a surprise celebration. Who would have guessed we would be spending the afternoon/evening at the one and only – Boomrock! We travelled back in time to the 80s which is when we first started recruitment advertising and we changed into our costumes – quite a good-looking bunch if you ask us! It was an afternoon filled with archery, clay bird shooting, golf and axe throwing, all while looking out to the most spectacular view. To finish off the most perfect day, we sat down together for a three-course meal, and it was delicious. The conversation was flowing, drinks were pouring, and the dance moves were…something else.

We would like to thank our clients, candidates, and partners for allowing us to take some time to enjoy this day. And of course, a special thanks to everyone involved who helped to make this day come to life, it was one to remember. And yet another chapter added to the HainesAttract story.