Ever wondered who comes up with idea after idea for exciting talent attraction campaigns? The answer lies with our Creative team. They’re the ones who make the magic happen – the brains behind the content that attracts the people you need. They bring your stories, your values and your offerings to life, showing people why it’s so great to work for you.

Storytellers with a purpose

If you’ve got a talent attraction challenge, our Creative team are the people to call. Creative sits at the heart of HainesAttract – working closely with the Talent Solutions Consultants to understand your business’s needs and how creative can tie in, and the Media team to ensure that all outputs are tailored to the relevant channels. They’re a dedicated team of people whose sole job is to provide fresh, strategic and engaging content that is tailored specifically to your needs and your business.

Not only do they have a wealth of experience between them, but they’re constantly keeping track of new industry trends, up and coming technology, and the latest data to ensure that the outputs they’re producing are relevant and engaging.

Magic making

Our Creative team are an adventurous bunch who aren’t afraid to get stuck in and put themselves in your shoes to ensure your story is told right. An average day could see any one of our team members in Christchurch ED (for the right reasons, never fear!), on a jetboat in Queenstown, working with heavy machinery, or even on the chain at a meat processing plant. While some of those jobs may sound more glamorous than others, it’s the people who make our Creative team excited – they love getting the chance to meet your teams and tell your authentic stories.

This is also what sets your content apart, and what helps turn your ordinary into something extraordinary. Whether you’re after videos (industry insiders have said we may be one of New Zealand’s largest video producers), digital display, photography, copy, landing pages, whole Employer Branding and EVP projects – or perhaps something else entirely – our Creative team can do it, and a pretty awesome job of it, too.

Part of the reason for that is the diversity within the team – they’re led by our Creative Director, but are also made up of Designers, Producers, Visual Storytellers, and two Project Managers who make sure those creative brains stick to the schedule! There are years and years worth of experience within the team – keep your eyes peeled for some more info on the expertise our individual team members have.

Take a look at some of the awesome campaigns our Creative team have put together here, and get in touch if you’ve got a story to bring to life: