Introducing the Media team, the experts when it comes to all thing’s media and advertising. The team includes Louise, Betty, Anja and Lucy. They all come from a media background with extensive knowledge on the ever-changing media landscape. They are constantly keeping up to date with new ways of advertising and have a genuine interest in the industry. They stay curious and ensure they are providing the very best media solution for our clients. It’s fair to say they know their stuff! We are so lucky to have such a passionate internal team with such great expertise.

A Media Strategist loves variety 

As with many roles at HainesAttract, every day is different for a Media Strategist, and this is one of the many things they love about their job! It creates an interesting and diverse day with so much variety. Sometimes a Media Strategist can have their day perfectly planned out and then suddenly, a task will get thrown their way that may become more of a priority, so they need to be prepared for anything! A Media Strategists’ main task is building strategies and campaigns for clients depending on the objective.

Research is key

The process of building a campaign starts with receiving a brief from a Talent Solutions Consultant. Once the goals and needs are established, extensive research is undertaken to analyse both the target audience and the most relevant channels to utilise. “We do heaps of research and put ourselves into the candidates shoes, for example think – if I was a 25 year old midwife living in the UK, where would I look for jobs?” says Betty. The research takes a lot of time to get a real perspective and understanding of the audience. The more time you give a Media Strategist to develop a thought-out plan, the better the results will be. Different time zones can make communication with various media’s a challenge. It’s not as simple as copying old campaigns, they have a tailored approach for every individual client and audience, so patience is key!

Teamwork makes the dream work 

The Media Strategists work as a team and often bounce ideas of each other to ensure they are providing the very best solution for the client. They share all their knowledge and research so that as a team, they can keep up with an ever-changing media landscape. Catch ups with their various media partners are also extremely important when it comes to building media campaigns. By doing this they can see what’s currently relevant and popular, as well as finding out new ways to advertise. 

Keep an open-mind

One of our Media Strategists Anja says, “To execute a successful media campaign, you need to be willing to think outside the box, especially in today’s recruitment market. This goes for both the Media Strategist and the client. When you have an open mind and a willingness to learn is when we see the best results.” You need to put yourself into the candidates’ shoes. Often clients will get into the habit of thinking it’s about them, and ask our Media Strategists “Why would I advertise on TikTok or Spotify? I don’t use these channels.” The answer is simple, our Media Strategists have done the research and are experts in understanding where the audience sits, so having trust in them on where to place adverts is key to a successful campaign. Our Media Strategists have consistently seen successful results from using non-traditional media so we always recommend giving their ideas a chance – it will likely pay off!

Ch-ch-ch changes

Once a campaign and strategy has been created, it will then go back to the client for approval. More often than not, the plan will be back with the Media Strategist for changes where they will then adapt the campaign dependent on the feedback they received. This can happen a further two or three times before the client is satisfied with targeting, creative, and media channels. Once everything has been approved, it’s time to make everything live.

Time to optimise and report

A Media Strategist can have a handful of campaigns running at one single time, so an essential part of their role is looking at these campaigns and monitoring and optimising them to perform to the best of their ability. They need to be quick on their feet and able to execute more than one task at a time. Reporting is an essential part of the role as it allows the clients to view the overall performance and success of the campaign. Some recruiters can be hesitant to try new ways of advertising, often inclined to stick to the traditional advertising boards. The reporting shows undeniable results when utilising alternative channels that target the passive audience who may not be actively looking for jobs.

 Small but mighty

For such a small team, the results they have achieved over the past 6 months have been incredible. They love working together and find it a very uplifting and positive working environment. Regular calls and check-ins with each other are essential for boosting team morale. Being transparent and open with each other allows for everyone to be constantly bettering themselves and improving their knowledge/media skills. They love working in a job where they are never at a standstill, there is always room to grow and adapt! As the media landscape is always evolving, there is never a day where they aren’t learning something new. A real “brain exercise” says Betty. Let’s also talk perks – media lunches, events and goodies – a great benefit of being a Media Strategist. 

The Media Strategist role is an extremely fulfilling one. They are literally transforming lives, helping people all over the world to connect with opportunities. It’s not just advertising a recruitment advert, going beyond this, they are filling critical positions that range from bringing a baby into the world, building motorways, feeding the country and changing people’s lives forever.