Our purpose, one that’s always been there. 

“Transforming the way people connect with opportunity” 

Let’s start with a story, after all that’s what we do at HainesAttract, although most of the time we tell yours. Whether this be your organisation’s story, or your story as a candidate – we are here to tell it. But today, just very briefly, it’s about us – HainesAttract. This is all about our purpose, something that has always been at the forefront of our minds. We need to travel back in time to 1905, 15 years after HainesAttract was established. After all, as Māori culture states, Ka mua, ka muri, “we look to the past to inform the future.”  

It was a foggy old London day, the All Blacks “Originals” were on tour and today it was London’s turn to see the New Zealanders. Fans, friends and families set off to watch the rugby game that afternoon at Crystal Palace, a whopping 50,000 people attended! While the All Blacks were looking to win and impress the old “Motherland,” we were also looking at impressing new migrants in the grounds that day with our opportunities to live and work in New Zealand. On that day, there was an advert in the programme, on the advert was a message, that message was an opportunity, to move to NZ. A single advert had the opportunity to transform a family’s life and influence their move to NZ. As for who, how many, and what families, who knows? Chances are, like so many new New Zealanders they’ve gone on to make the most of New Zealand. You see, our purpose “Transforming the way people connect with opportunity” has always been there. 

Over the years, our clients and the recruitment market have pushed us to transform and adapt. Be it developing New Zealand’s first online job board ‘NZjob’s in 1997, ‘Haineslink’ our client advertising portal that receives thousands of jobs weekly, the way we’ve looked to transform international talent with WorkHere, or how we help to transform the careers of our own people, backing them all the way to grow and succeed.   

It’s important we celebrate our transformations. The big ones, such as launching a new innovation, or the thousands of seemingly smaller ones. These transformations are impactful, as someone changes career, company, or country, from one of our client campaigns. We like to think that on any given day, be it a global webinar to international talent, a campaign to attract workers into the meat industry, truck drivers back into the industry, or a family to wave goodbye to Southampton and hello to Southland working as a Midwife.   

As a business, we tell your story, unlocking a unique mix of creative concepts, strategic media plans over hundreds of channels, candidate conversations, ensuring you are in front of active job seekers, and targeting the passive audience. It’s our job to build your story, and it’s more important now than ever to tell yours and use it to your advantage to attract. We’ve shared with you some of our story, we’d love to hear all about yours and how we can help you to transform your opportunities.