Last week some of the team here at HainesAttract spent Friday lunchtime taking part in the Sustainability Trust’s Sea Week – Street Sweep, cleaning up cigarette butts across Wellington CBD – keeping them from finding their way into our oceans.

Many people are not aware that the cigarette filter is comprised of thousands of little particles of plastic, and through improper disposal, they can make their ways into the stomachs of our marine life, having detrimental effects on those ecosystems.

In under an hour, the team of volunteers collected approximately 5,000 cigarette butts!

Shout out to the Yarin SnapirDani SmithLouise GebhardLucy Bray (she/her)Vinutha HaridhasanHannah Cox (she/her)Toni Naylor (she/her) and Grace Fox (she/her) for all getting amongst it.