The way candidates discover jobs has evolved rapidly in recent times. Job boards remain an important part of finding a new job when it comes to the active candidate market, but the reality is that the active candidate market has shrunk dramatically as a direct result of an all-time low unemployment rate in 2022. Although we may see a slight increase in unemployment in 2023, hiring skilled people will remain a significant challenge – something you’ll be well aware of from working in the talent acquisition industry. Therefore, most of the candidate market will remain passive in 2023. It’s our purpose to make sure your jobs find the talent you need, which tends to be those passive candidates who aren’t scrolling through job boards.

By combining our Creative, Media and Recruitment services, we put your organisation’s best foot forward to these passive candidates, as well as sharing your unique story for the world to see.

Let’s start by explaining how our Creative services play a crucial part in creating the perfect solution, to allow your jobs to find the talent you need. Our Creative team are an adventurous bunch who aren’t afraid to get stuck in and put themselves in your shoes to ensure your story is told right. They set your content apart and help to turn your ordinary work stories into something extraordinary. Dan Phillips, Creative Director at HainesAttract, says, “Our work is designed to stop people, surprise them and sell them on your offer.” Whether you’re after videos (industry insiders have said we may be one of New Zealand’s largest video producers), digital display, photography, copy, landing pages, whole Employer Branding and EVP projects – or perhaps something else entirely – our Creative team can do it, and a pretty awesome job of it too. ‘Your employer brand and who this speaks to matters more than ever, ‘with 50% of candidates refusing to work for a company with a bad reputation’ – Indeed/Glassdoor Via HR Daily Advisor. Don’t just take our word for it, check out some of our best creative ideas here.

Now that you have great content thanks to our skilled Creative team, it’s time to push it out to market – and to your ideal candidates. Louise Gebhard, Media Manager at HainesAttract, says, “There is magic to be found when you can navigate the way through all the noise.” Our talented Media Strategists do the research and are the experts in understanding where your audience sits and how they engage with content. Whether it’s social media platforms to out-of-home advertising, you name it, and our Media Strategists have considered it. Your advertisements, or your worked up creative concepts, are then placed on the right channels – so that your jobs start finding talent. Once the campaign is live, our Media Strategists will continue to monitor the performance of the campaign, ensuring the advertisements are performing well and seeking out the talent you’re looking for.

An effective media campaign with the right creative will inevitably lead to an influx in applications, which is when you’ll find yourself needing our Recruitment services. Our Recruitment team are here to help with everything outsourced – whether that be end-to-end recruitment, or one specific part of the process. What’s more, is our recruiters can easily slot in and become a valued extension of your team. Carly Ford, Talent Solutions Manager at HainesAttract, says, “We are not like traditional recruiters, because we do all of this under your brand, not ours. This creates a positive perception of your organisation – after all, candidates will be working for your company… not ours.”

As you will see, the combination of our Creative, Media and Recruitment services offers a unique and highly effective strategic solution. As Hamish Price, CEO at HainesAttract, says, “It’s time to take off your blinkers and shift from a ‘post and pray’ approach on active channels, to pushing jobs out to find the talent you need in a highly targeted and engaging way.” For decades there’s been a way of doing things – sticking to the status quo when it comes to recruitment advertising and talent attraction. But behaviours have changed and solutions have opened up. Media options have multiplied…and with it, the landscape for where messages can find potential talent has expanded. There’s been a shift – jobs now need to find talent, not so much the other way around – and HainesAttract can make that happen for you. We work with you, to spot what you had all along and transform it into something irresistible.

All challenges and goals are unique, so we want to hear about yours and understand where you’re at… and where you want to be. Get in touch with us today to begin your strategic recruitment advertising journey