We have been working with our clients to transform how they attract the talent they need to thrive, taking a refreshed approach to talent attraction. Our intention is to lead the market, and to help our clients shift away from a largely reactive strategies (in other words relying heavily on job boards or transactional media to supply talent) and making the shift to a proactive, creative, and strategic approach.

We recognise that in order to ensure our clients are in the best hands to face this change we here at HainesAttract need to undergo our own change and transformation. As a business, we have transformed how we talk about our Service Delivery team (the wonderful Account Executives working on behalf of our clients, day in, day out). The term ‘transactional’ advertising will no longer be used to describe what we provide for you. Instead, we will provide you, our valued clients, with strategic, proactive assistance and advice.

Changing up how we talk about our solutions, means changing our team name. The brief we gave to the business was that the name didn’t have to follow traditional industry titles, but instead encapsulate what the team does and the transformational journey we are on. And because everything we do is to help our clients succeed in attracting and retaining the talent you need, there is no better team name than the “Client Success team.”

We’ve taken it a step further and united our Client Success Specialists (previously named our Account Executives) and our Client Success Consultants (previously named our Talent Solutions Consultants) into one team. They are both at the heart of the business and our range of talent attraction solutions.

Our approach to telling your story is safer, smarter, and simpler. Get in touch with us today to allow us to make what is already there, clear for the world to see https://hainesattract.co.nz/contact