Stats NZ‘s report that there are 85,000 less (give or take) people in New Zealand since Covid, that’s a few less cooks, cleaners, coders, civil engineers, C+ Devs, carers, construction workers. We get the picture – demand is greater than supply. As such we’re constantly exploring how we attract and widen our clients’ access to talent, be it with global skills, talent returning to the workforce, or simply looking for change. This requires unconventional thinking and spark to create a desire to explore things a little more, all by taking our clients’ story and using it to their advantage.


To take this to the next level we’re thrilled to have Dan Phillips join us as Creative Director and Chief Storyteller. Stories – every organisation has one, and Dan’s last eight years has seen him on the inside working at Auckland DHB, Les Mills International, Xero and Fletcher Building to name a few. This has given Dan a unique view of how organisations attract and engage. Dan is unrivalled in the talent attraction space when it comes to helping organisations articulate their value proposition. He loves a good story, so get in touch and tell him yours.