Let’s talk about our amazing Account Executives at HainesAttract. These are our experts who have our clients covered when it comes to managing all recruitment advertising needs. We have a team of eight Account Executives, all with their own individual portfolios of approximately 50 clients who they manage. As it’s such a big team that works very closely together, the working environment is fun, and you get to work with lots of different personalities. They are responsible for proofing, processing, quoting, and dispatching all recruitment media requests. Laura says, “We really are the perfect extension for your recruitment team.”

We want to give you an insight into what a typical day looks like for them. It’s time to learn about their expertise and impressive way of working!

Starting the day with a bang

A typical day for an Account Executive starts with catching up on any emails that have come through overnight. This usually includes making any changes to job adverts that have been posted, processing new advert requests, or tending to any recruitment needs that their clients may have. A clear inbox is key to ensuring the Account Executives are organised and can keep track of their to-do list. Once emails have been cleared it’s time to get into processing adverts.

Let’s get processing!

Adverts are normally submitted by clients through our online portal, HainesLink, and then appear in the assigned Account Executive’s portal, or as we call it, their “queue.” Alternatively, clients will email through ad requests that the Account Executive will load to their queues themselves. Once a new advert appears in their queue, they will then begin the task of processing the advert. On average the Account Executives process over 500 job adverts per week, posting each job onto various media. Each client has extensive notes to ensure the Account Executive provides the appropriate service. Firstly, they will ensure job titles, business units and closing dates are all correct and then they will check the media that the client has selected. If the role is hard to fill or does not have many medias selected, the Account Executive will then combine a list of recommendations to send to the client to ensure the advert gets placed in front of the right people. HainesLink has over 2,000 different media to select from, and more get added every day.

Proofing to perfection

The Account Executive will then proof the advert by following the client’s’ proofing guidelines. They will also check that there are no spelling mistakes, ensure the HTML is correct and add any short descriptions or stand-out bullet points that are required.

Incoming quotes and time to go live!

The next phase of the process is quoting the client for their media selections. Once the client has approved the cost it’s time to dispatch onto the relevant channels. They monitor the adverts and make any changes as requested to ensure optimal performance. As Laura says, “We always have the client’s best intentions – a successful placement for them is always the goal.”

Set for success

The Account Executives receive hundreds of requests a day, and the above process is repeated for each request. Kirsten says, “We each have lots of clients that we need to accommodate for, so time management and resilience is key to success in this role.” Laura says “I feel like I am set up for any future job that comes my way. I have so much knowledge about different industries and now have so many transferable skills.”

Our Account Executives really are your all-round, go-to recruitment media experts!